Introducing The New Ultimate Deals Page

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Everybody loves a deal… even more so in these unusual times. So it’s probably not surprising that one of the most common searches we see leading to our site is “[your favorite brand here] discount code.” 

But shopping around for the best SUP discounts is time consuming. And we would argue that even the biggest sale isn’t worth it if you end up buying an inflatable paddle boarder from a a fly-by-night seller. For example, probably one of the most common questions we get is “what do you think of this [SUP brand we’ve never heard of] on Amazon?” It may be a bit cheaper, but what if you need to return the SUP? What if you need a repair a year from now or a replacement part?

That’s why — to us — the best deal isn’t just about getting the best price, but about getting the best value. And to get the best value, we look at three things:

  • Good quality SUP brands with a reputation and a track record for making and standing behind their stand up paddle boards
  • Reliable, trustworthy merchants that provide knowledgeable and friendly customer service before, during, and after the sale
  • The best discounts, sales, coupon codes,  and promotions that can be found on those brands and from those merchants

In the past, we’ve blogged about individual discounts on stand up paddle boards as they’ve come up, but this year we thought we’d try something new to make it even easier…

We’ve created our new Ultimate Deals Page to be the single spot where we’ll keep track of and post about the most current deals throughout the season. Think of it as a curated list where you’ll find everything from new model launch promotions to discount codes to great deals on used gear. There are even a few special pricing arrangements available for first responders, military, and health care workers from some of the top inflatable SUP brands.

While some brands keep their promos fairly constant throughout the summer, others change it up all the time. So you’ll want to check back often to make sure you’re up on all the latest deals.

So now you can save time and shop confidently knowing that you’re not just getting a great price, but more importantly, you’re getting a great value.

Leave us a comment below if you find this helpful, or if you come across any deals you think we should include.

Happy shopping!

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