Honu Paddle Board Reviews | 2021 New SUPs Compared

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HONU inflatable paddle boards compared. Includes Airlie, Bondi, Byron, and Sorrento SUPs.

Born on the waves of Bondi Beach, Australia, Honu Paddle Boards was named for the Hawaiian green sea turtle which symbolizes good luck, endurance, and long life. With a history going back nearly 20 years of crafting longboard surfboards, fiberglass SUPs, inflatable SUPs, and more, it seems that name fits Australia-based Honu well.

In 2019, a younger generation of owners took over Honu, streamlining Honu’s focus solely to inflatable paddle boards. Honu’s new owners, Mark and Megan Travers, are clearly passionate about “building a better board” as they lead the company into the future while honoring Honu’s legacy. In the past two years, Honu has overhauled all of its paddle boards, incorporating new construction technologies, new designs, and new manufacturing processes to create their next generation of super light, high performance paddle boards.

With their entry into the US market in 2021, we expect to se Honu making more waves in the years to come.


Why We Recommend Honu SUPs

We like the simplicity of Honu’s SUP lineup — each board has a purpose and a role. Mark and Megan’s focus on engineering excellence also shines through. On the construction front, like many several of our other top pick brands, they’ve incorporated fused, rather than glued assembly and woven drop stitch construction. The upshot is a board that is lighter and more durable than what we’ve seen in the past. At the same time it’s stiffer when inflated yet easier to roll when deflated compared to non-woven drop stitch boards.

On the other hand, Honu has also chosen to to take the road less travel when compared to some other SUP brands in ways that we appreciate:

Minimalist Design

There’s been something of an arms race between inflatable paddle board brands in recent years to see who can add the most action mounts, cargo areas, paddle holders, D-rings, and miscellaneous mounts to their iSUPs. All of these hardware bits add weight and while they may sometimes be convenient, for many paddlers they at best go unused or at worst literally end up under foot. Honu has deliberately chosen to leave almost all of these off of their boards to create SUPs that are as light and uncluttered as possible. We think this will appeal to a certain type of paddler who just wants the best board possible without all the distractions.

Pick Your Own Paddle

Honu Boards also do not include a paddle in their accessory packages. While this might seem odd at first their logic actually makes a lot of sense. Paddle choice can be a very personal thing, so if you’ve been paddling for any length of time you likely already have a favorite paddle. In that case you would probably rather save your money than be “forced” to buy a paddle that’s included in a package.

Alternately, if you need a paddle, you might prefer a different paddle than the paddle that a brand prepackages with a SUP. With Honu’s system you can choose any paddle you like in their lineup — from basic to high end — and save 20% off the price when you bundle it with your new board. We think that makes a lot of sense. Paddle choices include Element (carbon fiber shaft, nylon blade), Evolution Carbon (carbon fiber grip/shaft/blade), and Evolution bamboo (carbon fiber paddle with bamboo veneer blade).

Accidental Damage Repairs

Honu goes a step further than the standard manufacturer’s warranty to provide four years of free accidental damage repairs as well (you pay the shipping to their repair center). See below for a complete explanation of the whole program, but again we’re pretty impressed.

Honu Paddle Boards Compared


Honu Airlie 8'6"

2021 HONU Arlie paddle board
Kids SUP
8'6" x 27" x 4.7"
11.9 pounds
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Honu Bondi 9'3"

2021 Honu Bondi 9'3
Surf/All-Around SUP
9'3" x 31" x 4.7"
15.6 pounds
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Honu Byron 10'6"

2021 Honu Byron 10'6
All-Around SUP
10'6" x 32" x 4.7"
15.9 pounds
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Honu Sorrento 12'6"

2021 Honu Sorrento 12'6
Touring SUP
12'6" x 30" x 5.9"
22.9 pounds
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Honu SUP Reviews (2021)

Honu Airlie 8’6″

Kids SUP | 8'6" x 27” x 4.7“

While typically labelled a kids SUP, the Honu Airlie is a high quality, short and light board suitable for any smaller paddler under 132 pounds (60 kg). Sporting the same shape as Honu’s all-around SUP, the Byron, the Airlie is at home on flat water up to small waves.

The Airlie features the same advanced construction as its larger siblings, making for an incredibly light 12 pound (5.4 kg) board that maneuvers well while providing nice rigidity and stability. It features a single center fin for efficient, straight tracking.

Included with the Airlie are a rolling SUP backpack, 10 foot coiled leash, dual-stage pump, and repair kit. Buyers can separately choose from a range of paddles (or no paddle) available at a discount if bundled with a SUP purchase.

Honu Bondi 9’3″

Surf/All-Around SUP | 9'3" x 31” x 4.7“

Honu’s Bondie paddle board pays homage to the company’s surfing roots by creating a next-generation iSUP that’s as fun as a composite board on the waves, as convenient as an inflatable SUP, and is still versatile enough to be used as an all-around board.

In addition to Honu’s standard fused woven drop stitch construction, they add PVC stringers down the top and bottom centerline of the board for additional rigidity and performance. The Bondi leaves off any bungees, action mounts or other hardware that might add weight or get in the way of performance.

Also included are a rolling SUP backpack, 10 foot coiled safety leash, dual-stage pump, and repair kit. As with all Honu SUPs, no paddle is included but any paddled from their lineup may be bundled for a 20% discount.

Honu Byron 10’6

All-Around SUP | 10'6" x 32” x 4.7“

Honu likes to describe their Byron SUP as the Swiss army knife of inflatable paddle boards and the description is appropriate for this all-around board.

At 10’6″ long and 32 inches wide, it sports pretty classic all-around SUP dimensions and shape, but its 4.7 inch thickness is thinner than most 6 inch inflatable boards and its 17 pound (7.7 kg) weight makes it one of the lightest options available.

The Byron maintains Honu’s minimalistc design approach with a single cargo bungee area up front and a rear bungee paddle holder.

Packaged with the Byron are a nicely padded rolling SUP backpack, 10 foot coiled safety leash, basic dual-stage pump, and repair kit. Like all Honu boards, paddles are selected separately from a range of options, although a discount applies if purchased at the same time as a new SUP.

Honu Sorrento 12’6″

Touring SUP | 12'6" x 30” x 5.9“

The Honu Sorrento is freshly designed paddle board for long distance touring or racing. At 12’6″ and 30 inches wide the Sorrento is a fairly svelte board that is optimized for straight tracking, efficient paddling, and speed.

Beyond Honu’s fused and woven drop stitch construction, the Sorrento also features carbon fiber stringers along the top and bottom centerline of the board for maximum stiffness and performance.

The Sorrento includes front and rear cargo bungee areas. It comes with the Honu rolling SUP backpack, HP8 dual-stage pump, and 10 foot coiled safety leash. Paddle is not included, but can be chosen separately from Honu’s paddle range and bundled at a discount.

Honu Warranty & Return Policy Explained

Honu offers a 30-day risk-free return policy, providing a full refund for equipment in a new or unused conditioned once they’ve received it back. Generously, this includes boards, accessories, and clothing. Returns are arranged by emailing the company.

Honu also provides one of the most generous warranty and accidental repair programs we’ve seen under their “2+2 years total care” moniker, although it takes a little explaining. First off, they provide a fairly standard 2-year manufacturer’s warranty where they will repair or replace your board for any manufacturing defects (things like a bad valve, deck pad delaminating, etc.).

In addition to that — and setting them apart from just about every other SUP manufacturer we’ve seen — they also provide four years of free repairs if your register your board when your purchase it. For accidental repairs, you pay for shipping to/from the repair center (Florida for the US, Sydney for Australia).

Since the free repairs run concurrently with the warranty, you still have two years of repairs left after the warranty is over, thus the “2+2 years total care.”

We really appreciate Honu’s stated mission to reduce their environmental impact by cutting down on landfill waste by helping gear last longer.

Where to Buy Honu Paddle Boards

United States

Honu paddle boards are available for sale in United States effective June 2021 and ship from their warehouse in Utah. You can purchase Honu SUPs in the US exclusively from Honu’s new US website.


Hono SUPs are, of course, also available in its home of 20 years — Australia. Shoppers will want to be sure to check out Honu’s Australian ecommerce website.

Honu SUP Sales & Discount Codes

Honu will have occassional promotions throughout the year on their paddle boards and accessories, although not as many as some brands. Here are the best Honu sales currently available:

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