BLACKFIN SUP 2021 Launch: iROCKER Debuts Redesigned Models X, XL & Y

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2021 Blackfin SUP Launch includes Model X, Model XL, and Model V
Left-to-right: 2021 Blackfin Model Y, Model XL, Model X

The 2021 BLACKFIN SUPs are here! iROCKER’s premium line of iSUPs are getting a somewhat later launch this year than in most seasons, likely due to international shipping challenges. Known for their feature packed boards and top-of-the-line accessories, BLACKFIN SUPs have been some of iROCKER’s most popular boards since their debut in 2018.

New Look for 2021

After major changes to the BLACKFIN boards’ construction in 2020, the 2021 update focuses much more on a visual overhaul and layout refinement. They feature a more organic design and introduce an entirely new palette of subdued, nature-inspired colors that should appeal to fishing and outdoors enthusiasts.

Altogether the new design feels more polished and distinct from the iROCKER line than 2020 BLACKFIN boards did.

Refined Board Layout

The BLACKFIN SUPs keep their triple-ply PVC construction. They also continue to be iROCKER’s most feature rich boards, outfitted with two cargo areas, 8 action mounts, carbon fiber reinforced side rails, exclusive fish rack mounts, 20 D-rings, and 7 grab handles.

This season they’ve moved the forward grab handle from the top to the front of the nose and extended the front of the deck pad. More crucially, they also moved the mounts for the fishing rack to the rear by quite a lot, significantly decreasing the chances of them getting under foot – a common complaint on the 2020 models. The net result is a more open and less cluttered deck, especially when ferrying around passengers.

Updated Accessories

The headline accessory change this year is the new pure carbon fiber paddle. It has a carbon fiber shaft and t-grip handle, both with a matte finish. The handle, in particular, is a huge improvement over last year’s plastic grip. The blade remains nylon.

The bag also sees some minor tweaks to its storage and pocket layout.

Models & Specs

The BLACKFIN line features three boards. All boards retain their same basic measurements and footprint from the previous season:

Model XL: Premium Cruiser SUP

At 34 inches wide, the Model XL has more stability than the average all-around SUP. Meanwhile its 11’6” offers balanced tracking and speed, making this a great multipurpose board.

  • Board weight: 29 pounds
  • Kit weight in backpack: 39 pounds
  • Max capacity: 485 pounds

Model X: Premium Extra Stable Cruiser SUP

At 35 inches wide and 10’6” long, the Model X is designed to be the ultimate in stability for any paddler who wants that extra bit of confidence or reliability on the water.

  • Board weight: 27 pounds
  • Kit weight in backpack: 37 pounds
  • Max capacity: 450 pounds

Model V: Premium Touring SUP

This 12’6” long by 32 inches wide, this SUP is designed for distance. Narrower than its Blackfin siblings, it trades stability for incredibly straight tracking and speed.

  • Board weight: 30 pounds
  • Kit weight in backpack: 40 pounds
  • Max capacity: 485 pounds

Price and Where to Buy       

UPDATED: As of April 9th, 2021, The BLACKFIN Model X, Model V, and Model XL are now available for purchase immediately in all markets at iROCKER’s online store. This includes the United States, Canada, the UK, Europe, and Australia.

In addition to offering the best prices and customer service on iROCKER products, they also include FREE shipping and 60-day money-back guarantee on all SUP purchases.

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