The Best SUP PFD Belt Packs and Life Jackets | 2019

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Best SUP PFD Life Jacket

One of the most important pieces of gear when it comes to SUP safety, a PFD (personal flotation device) is an essential accessory that you should never paddle without…

These days, paddleboarding PFDs typically come in the form of inflatable belt packs and more traditional life jackets, and in this 2019 buyer’s guide we’re going to list the best SUP PFD options for adults, kids, and even dogs.

In addition to keeping you safe on the water, wearing a PFD while paddleboarding is required by law in many locations and refusing to use one can result in a hefty fine. While stand up paddle safety awareness has definitely been on the rise in recent years, there are still far too many paddlers who aren’t using one. The million dollar question is, why?

Best PFD for Paddleboarding

The number one objection that we hear from fellow paddlers when it comes to personal flotation devices is the fact that they are restrictive or uncomfortable to wear. In some cases, this is certainly a valid complaint — some life jackets can interfere with your paddling stroke and feel hot, sticky, and uncomfortable especially in the summertime.

However, there are many lightweight, low-profile SUP PFD options available today that are super comfortable to wear and don’t restrict your range of motion. If you’re looking for the best PFD for SUP, this up-to-date buyer’s guide lists all of our top picks for 2019 — so without further ado, let’s get to it!

SUP PFD/Life Jacket Comparison Chart (2019)

MTI Vibe
MTI Adventurewear Vibe
Adult life jacketUSCG Type III15 lbs 8 ozCheck Price
MTI Fluid 2.0
MTI Adventurewear Fluid 2.0
Adult belt packUSCG Type III25 lbs 9 ozCheck Price
MTI 16g Belt Pack
MTI Adventurewear 16g Belt Pack
Adult belt packUSCG Type V16 lbs 13 ozCheck Price
MTI Adventurewear BOB
Kid’s life jacketUSCG Type III11 lbs 10 ozCheck Price
MTI Youth Livery
MTI Adventurewear Youth Livery
Kid’s life jacketUSCG Type III11 lbs 10 ozCheck Price
MTI Child w/ Collar
MTI Adventurewear Child with Collar
Kid’s life jacketUSCG Type III7 lbs 14 ozCheck Price
Ruffwear Float Coat
Ruffwear Float Coat
Dog life jacketn/an/aCheck Price
MTI Underdog
MTI Adventurewear Underdog
Dog life jacketn/an/aCheck Price

Reviews of Top-Rated Adult PFDs for SUP

MTI Vibe

The MTI Vibe is a versatile, low-profile SUP life jacket that can be used for everything from recreational paddling to river running. This lightweight, comfortable SUP life vest is loaded with great features such as a mesh storage pocket, safety whistle, and Daisy chain attachment points. It’s also a fantastic PFD for river SUP enthusiasts, as it integrates nicely with the MTI SUP Leash Release Belt for the ultimate in whitewater safety.

Read our MTI Life Jackets Vibe review for more details on why we believe this is currently the best life jacket for SUP.

MTI Adventurewear Vibe SUP PFD

MTI Fluid 2.0 Belt Pack

If you’d prefer a smaller personal flotation device that stays out of the way when you’re on the water, MTI’s Fluid 2.0 is the Rolls Royce of inflatable belt pack PFDs. This incredibly well-designed SUP PFD belt offers extreme comfort and features top-shelf build quality, a zippered storage pocket for stashing small accessories, convenient indicator window, and safety whistle.

To learn more about this high-quality inflatable belt pack, be sure to check out our in-depth MTI Life Jackets Fluid 2.0 review.

MTI Adventurewear Fluid 2.0 Inflatable Belt Pack

MTI 16g Belt Pack

A brand new addition to MTI’s SUP PFD lineup last season was the MTI Life Jackets 16g Belt Pack. A lighter, more affordable SUP belt PFD than the Fluid 2.0, this is the perfect option for those who favor a more minimalist, lower-profile design. This PFD is currently our favorite inflatable belt pack for SUP fitness workouts as it stays out of the way and is so light that you don’t even realize you have it on. Also, the narrower waist belt is compatible with YETI’s Sidekick Dry, the best waterproof pouch currently on the market. MTI’s new 16g belt PFD is available in two colors: Mango Print (pictured), and Dark Gray.

MTI Adventurewear 16g Belt Pack SUP PFD

Did you know?
9 out of 10 drownings happen in inland waters a few feet from safety.

Best SUP Life Jackets for Kids


Our favorite overall life jacket for children, the full-featured MTI Life Jackets BOB delivers the performance and looks of MTI’s best-selling adult PFDs in a smaller package. Currently available in several great colorways, MTI’s BOB PFD features a comfortable, fully adjustable fit, fleece-lined hand warmer tunnel, reflective trim, and a tethered safety whistle.

A child’s PFD is essential when it comes to kids’ paddleboarding safety, and if you’re looking for the best life jacket for your child, this youth model is our top pick.

MTI Adventurewear BOB Kid's Life Jacket

MTI Youth Livery

A more affordable, pared-down alternative to the MTI BOB, MTI’s Youth Livery is a lightweight and incredibly versatile kid’s PFD that’s very comfortable to wear. Available in two attractive color schemes, the MTI Youth Livery jacket is an excellent option for those who prefer a simpler design and more budget-friendly price tag.

Unlike the BOB’s pull-over design, the Youth Livery PFD includes a zippered front and the adjustable straps make it incredibly easy to dial in the perfect fit for your child.

MTI Adventurewear Youth Livery Life Jacket

MTI Child w/ Collar

The best option for smaller children who are still learning to swim, MTI Life Jackets’ Child w/ Collar PFD is an ultra-comfortable option that features a safety collar that fully supports your child’s head whenever needed. Made from super soft foam and high-quality materials, this kid’s life jacket comes with adjustable crotch and belly straps for a secure fit.

Another feature that we really like about this PFD is the safety grab handle attached to the top of the collar — this gives parents a quick and secure way to handle smaller children when they’re in the water.

MTI Adventurewear Child Collar Life Jacket

Best Dog Life Jackets

Ruffwear Float Coat

Topping our list of this season’s best dog life jackets, the Ruffwear Float Coat is an incredibly well-built doggie PFD that supports your pup’s natural swimming position. Backed by a rock-solid lifetime warranty, the Float Coat comes in several attractive colorways and it’s fully adjustable for maximum comfort. This pup PFD is built like a tank and the top has a tough grab handle that makes it super easy to pull your four-legged friend back onto your board.

Be sure to check out our Ruffwear Float Coat review for more information.

Ruffwear Float Coat Dog PFD

MTI Underdog

Initially introduced last season, the MTI Life Jackets Underdog is another excellent option that will keep your pup safe on your SUP. The design of this doggie PFD places 90% of the effective buoyancy under the life jacket’s neck and chest areas, properly supporting your dog’s natural swimming position. Featuring reflective safety panels, a reinforced top carry handle, and multiple adjustment points for a comfortable, customizable fit, MTI’s Underdog PFD is an excellent option that is slightly more affordable than the Ruffwear Float Coat.

MTI Adventurewear Underdog Dog Life Jacket

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