Top Picks for Best Inflatable SUP for Fishing Review | 2021

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2021's best fishing paddle boards compared.

SUP fishing is a great way to get out and catch some big fish, and an inflatable paddle board makes a perfect fishing platform. There are several well-built inflatable SUPs on the market that are extremely durable, portable, and super stable — making them an ideal option for anglers who need an easy way to get to the best fishing spots…

In this post, we’re going to list our top picks for this year’s best inflatable fishing SUP. While the paddle boards listed vary in price and features, they’re all worthy contenders and make outstanding SUP fishing rigs for everything from fly fishing to bass hunting.

Best Inflatable Paddle Board for Fishing – 2019 Top Picks

Sea Eagle FishSUP 126
Sea Eagle FishSUP 126
12’6″x40″x6″47 lbs350 lbs3-year, 180-day money backCheck Price
Sea Eagle SUPCat10
Sea Eagle SUPCat10 SUP
10′x42″x8″20 lbs450 lbs3-year, 180-day money backCheck Price
10’6″x35″x6″25 lbs450 lbs2-year, 30-day money backCheck Price
11’6″x34″x6″27 lbs485 lbs2-year, 30-day money backCheck Price
BŌTE Rackham Aero
BŌTE Rackham Aero SUP
12’4″x38″x7″45 lbs400 lbs1-yearCheck Price
BŌTE Rover Aero
BŌTE Rover Aero SUP
12’6″x40.5″x11″63 lbs500 lbs1-yearCheck Price
Body Glove Mariner XL
Body Glove Mariner XL SUP
11′x34″x6″25 lbs320 lbs1-yearCheck Price
Fish Stalker Pro
Fish Stalker Pro SUP
12′x34″38 lbs500 lbs90-dayCheck Price
NRS Heron 11′
11′x39″x7″30 lbs300 lbs3-yearCheck Price
Hala Fame
Hala Fame SUP
11’3″x37″x6″36 lbs350 lbs3-yearCheck Price
Badfish Badfisher
Badfish Badfisher SUP
11’6″x36″x6″n/an/a3-yearCheck Price
Airhead AHSUP-3
Airhead AHSUP-3 SUP
10’8″x38″x6″32 lbs300 lbs1 yearCheck Price
Aqua Marina Drift
Aqua Marina Drift SUP
10’10”x38″x6″27 lbs287 lbs1 yearCheck Price
Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler
Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler SUP
11′x36″x6″34 lbs450 lbs1 yearCheck Price

Sea Eagle FishSUP 126

The Sea Eagle FishSUP 126 is the largest inflatable fishing SUP in our list. Measuring 12’6″x40″x6″, the FS126 is a super stable board that is large enough for your fishing cooler, tackle box, and plenty of other gear. With a total of 14 stainless steel D-rings and a bungee storage area at the board’s nose, there are plenty of secure tie-down points on this board. The built-in fish measurement ruler is super handy, and Sea Eagle offers some very interesting options for this board including a fishing seat and small motor.

For more info, be sure to read our in-depth Sea Eagle FS126 review.

Sea Eagle FS126

Sea Eagle SUPCat10

Brand new for 2019, the Sea Eagle SUPCat10 is an incredibly versatile option that offers excellent stability thanks to its wide, dual-chamber catamaran design.

The SUPCat10 can be paddled or motored along using a gas or electric motor and its locking swivel seat is far more comfortable than sitting on a SUP cooler. We love the variety of mounts and attachment points offered by this new board — there’s even a wheeled accessory add-on that makes it easier than ever to cart your board and fishing gear to the water. Check out our Sea Eagle SUPCat10 reviews page to learn more.

Sea Eagle SUPCat10


A popular board from the folks at iROCKER, the BLACKFIN Model X features ultra-durable quad-layer PVC construction, outstanding stability, and plenty of on deck storage space. This rugged inflatable SUP comes with a premium grade wheeled roller backpack, carbon fiber shaft paddle, dual chamber triple-action pump, repair kit, and leash. There’s also a brand new Action Mount at the nose for 2019 which makes it quick and easy to secure a rod holder or your GoPro camera.

Read our in-depth BLACKFIN Model X review for more details on this board.



The big brother to iROCKER’s smaller 10’6″ Model X, the 11’6″ BLACKFIN Model XL offers improved tracking, speed, and increased deck area for those in need of added space. The Model XL comes with all of the same great features as the Model X and the incorporation of iROCKER’s new composite PVC construction for 2019 has dramatically reduced the overall weight of this board.

For more information on this versatile iSUP, check out our detailed BLACKFIN Model XL review.

BŌTE Rackham Aero

One of the most full-featured inflatable SUP fishing boards on the market, the BŌTE Rackham Aero features a unique design with thick rails, dual inflation chambers, and a sunken cockpit area that lowers the center of gravity for increased stability.

Loaded with Rac and 1/4:20 accessory mounts, paddle and Sandspear sheaths, gear tie-down points, and Power-Pole Micro wireless anchor mounts, the Rackham Aero can be configured in just about any way imaginable. To get the scoop on this board, click here.

BŌTE Rackham Aero Fishing Paddle Board

BŌTE Rover Aero

One of this season’s most exciting releases, the BŌTE Rover Aero is the largest fishing SUP on our list and one of the most interesting. Like the company’s Rackham Aero, this board features a double-chambered design, 11″ thick walls, and a sunken cockpit.

This versatile inflatable can be paddled, motored, and even used as a dinghy. Packed with gear mounts, accessory tie-down points, and the ability to attach BŌTE’s Rac accessories, this is a serious rig for serious anglers. Check out our BŌTE Rover Aero reviews page for more info on this new model.

BŌTE Rover Aero Fishing iSUP

Body Glove Mariner XL

Body Glove’s Mariner XL is a stable fishing iSUP that offers excellent versatility. Mounted to the top deck of the board are twin Railblaza accessory mounts which can be used to secure fishing rod holders, fish finders, and more. There’s also a handy Anchor Line Guide at the nose which is ideal for those times when you want to anchor down for an afternoon at your favorite spot.

Be sure to check out our Body Glove Mariner XL review for more details on this board.

Fish Stalker Pro

Thanks to its triple-chamber catamaran design, the Fish Stalker Pro is a unique and stable SUP fishing setup that is highly customizable. This inflatable fishing SUP comes with plenty of D-rings for securing your gear and cooler, as well as numerous threaded inserts for attaching RAM accessories or a paddle holder. There are also convenient grab handles located at the nose and tail of the board for pulling it in and out of the water.

The Fish Stalker Pro includes a 3-piece Tahoe SUP paddle, travel bag, and dual-action pump.

Fish Stalker Pro

NRS Heron 11' Fishing SUP

The NRS Heron 11′ inflatable SUP is a solidly-built board that is perfect for fishing. The Heron features two 7″ side chambers that make it an incredibly stable fishing platform, and the tough drop-stitch construction is highly resistant to cuts, scrapes, and punctures.

NRS includes plenty of options for securing gear. Up front is a bungee storage area, and there’s also a second bungee area on the back half of the deck that is totally adjustable. This is perfect for your tackle bag and cooler, and the board also features three accessory mounts. For more info, check out our full-length NRS Heron 11′ review.

NRS Heron 11' Fishing SUP

Hala Fame

Measuring 11’3″ x 37″ x 6″, the Hala Fame is a super stable platform that is absolutely ideal for SUP fishing. Featuring 15 reinforced stainless D-rings for rigging, this is a versatile board that can comfortably carry a cooler, tackle box, and other fishing gear.

All of Hala Gear’s inflatable SUPs are backed by a super solid 3 year warranty, and they’re built with the finest materials. Hala is well-known for their cutting edge designs, and the Fame is a great choice for those who don’t want to settle for second best.

For more details on this board, click here.

Hala Fame

Badfish Badfisher

Completely redesigned for 2019, the Badfish Badfisher measures 11’6″ x 36″ x 6″ and comes loaded with Scotty plates and D-ring attachment points for securing fishing rod holders, accessories, and rigging additional gear. The overhauled shape of the board is designed for stability and glide, making this SUP a good choice if paddling performance is a priority.

All Badfish SUPs are covered by a great 3-year warranty.

Badfish Badfisher

Airhead SUP SS Camouflage (AHSUP-3)

The Airhead SS Camo is another extremely stable inflatable SUP that is perfect for SUP fishing. This board measures 10’8″ x 38″ x 6″, and features tapered rails, an aggressive nose, and excellent rigidity.

Up front are four D-rings and a bungee storage area for securing gear, and on the flip side the board features a three fin setup with a removable center fin. We really like the stealthy camo design of the Airhead AHSUP-3, which obviously makes it a great choice for outdoorsmen.

Airhead SUP SS Camouflage

Aqua Marina Drift

The Aqua Marina Drift is a well-designed board that offers a lot of nice features for fishing enthusiasts. In addition to fishing rod holders, the Drift also includes a KOOL fishing cooler with high back seat, bait well, and storage boxes.

Measuring 10’10” x 38″ x 6″, the Aqua Marina Drift is nice and wide and provides the type of super stable platform needed to fish with confidence. The large diamond pattern EVA foam trackpad provides good traction, and it has one slide in center fin.

Aqua Marina Drift

Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler iSUP

Aquaglide’s Blackfoot Angler measures 11′ x 36″ x 6″ and is packed with features that serious anglers will appreciate. With a total of six Scotty mounts, front and rear Bungee cord storage areas, and a front measuring ruler, this board was obviously designed with the serious SUP angler in mind.

The Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler features a high-quality EVA foam traction pad with an attractive teak appearance, and the US finbox system gives you a lot of versatility.

Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler iSUP

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    • I’m assuming you bought a Bote, although not sure which model. They have several add-ons which could be useful, including their Tackle Rac, Bucket Rac, and Rocket Rac. Check them out here: Bote Racs

  1. Hi Jerry, the Aqua Marina Monster would be workable for SUP fishing if you add the attachment points. It’s a foot and a half longer than the 10’6″ BEAST, so it’ll be a faster paddling board.

    Using an all-around board for fishing is perfectly fine, but choosing the right model is important. If the higher price tag is not an issue for you, I’d recommend the 10’6″ BLACKFIN Model X or the 11’6″ Model XL for you instead. They’re both bombproof all-around boards (quad-layer construction and carbon rails) that come with a great 2-year warranty, high-quality bundle of accessories, and plenty of tie-down points for securing your gear. Both models are versatile all-around models, yet they’re wider than most other all-around boards which provides you with additional stability. I can’t recommend them highly enough, but the downside is that they’re more expensive than the Aqua Marina models you’re asking about.

    • Hi Nick, thanks for your comment. Absolutely — the Hala Fame is a great fly fishing paddle board. It’s extremely stable on the water, well-built, and has plenty of tie-down attachment points for securing your cooler and other gear.

  2. Would something like the Aqua Marina Beast be suitable for fishing? I like the light weight which would make it easier to hike up to mountain lakes. I would glue on a few D-ring patches to secure extra gear for fishing.

    • Hi Jerry, thanks for your comment. The Aqua Marina BEAST wouldn’t be an best choice if you’re looking for a dedicated fishing rig, but if you’re looking for a really affordable all-around board that you can also use for the occasional fishing excursion, it’ll do just fine.

      As far as attaching additional D-rings for securing gear, you can definitely do that. Just keep in mind that the BEAST’s traction pad extends all the way to the rails and wraps slightly over the top of them — you won’t have quite as much room to attach the D-rings as you’d have on other boards.

      Hope that helps, Jerry. Happy paddling and tight lines.

      • Thanks for the quick reply. I like the look of the Z-Ray FS7, but is it sluggish in the water? I’m thinking that it would be used for just floating with the family, as well as fishing. Maybe the Z-Ray would be a better choice for the fishing aspect. I suspect it will be going fishing quite a bit.

        Do you know a source for PVC Daisy Chain patches? I used to see them in the kayak shops, but I can’t find them online anywhere. It was a piece of webbing sewn to a strip of PVC so that there were raised loops in the webbing to clip/tie to. Something like this would be ideal for adding attachment points without bulk/weight.

        • The FS7 will work fine for floating around with family and fishing, but when it comes to paddling performance, it will definitely feel sluggish.

          As far as your question about the daisy chain patches — I’m sorry, I don’t know of a source for those. Having said that, if you decide to go with the FS7 they won’t be necessary as there are a large number of attachment points running along the rails (from mid-board to tail).

          • I don’t really want something that’s too much of a dog in the water so the FS7 is probably not for me. I have fished standing from a canoe for a long time, so I’m used to a less stabile platform. What about the Aquamarina Monster? It seems to be recommended for Yoga, so I would think it was okay for fishing. I know it doesn’t have the lash points for gear on the aft deck, but again I can glue on a loop track on each side. I was thinking it could be on the side itself, rather than on the top if the EVA pad is in the way.

            As for gliding would the Beast, or the Monster be a better choice?

            In terms of fishing is it just a bad idea to try to get an “all around” board to work?

  3. Hi, Can you suggest a model for moderate current river fishing? What would be the main specs I should look for?

    • Hi Jose, thanks for your comment. I’d go with something like Hala’s Fame or SUPonthefly’s Guide model — both have a very wide, stable shape that’s perfect for that sort of thing.

      Tight lines!

    • Hi Bill. At this time, paddle boards are exempted from registration requirements in Maryland, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

  4. Hi. Its hard to find many testimonials on these wider boards. I want a fishing isup because my knees are bad so I need the stability of a very wide board to enjoy the sport with my friends. But, am getting nervous because there are not many testimonials on the ones you have listed.
    Some have a 3 year warranty and return, but how does one find out if a company is stable enough to be around in 3 years. Thanks for any insight and help on my dilemma. These wider fishing isup are more expensive, but I need the 36+ width and stability to help paddle and get back on the board. thanks

    • Hi Sandi, thank you for your comment. Based on what you’ve told me, I’d recommend the Sea Eagle FS126 for you. At 40″ wide, it’ll provide you with all the stability you need and Sea Eagle has been in the business of making inflatables since the 60’s. They’re not going anywhere, and you’re covered with an industry-leading 3-year warranty and 180-day money back guarantee to boot.

      Hope this helps. Happy paddling!

  5. Hi, I’ve always been curious about Bote Boards and I like the design and options, but I can’t seem to find too many sites that review them. Is there a reason for this, I’m just trying to do my research and was curious if I was missing something or not?

    • Hi Tye, thanks a bunch for the comment. Bote definitely makes some really nice boards and I plan on doing some write-ups on them in the near future — please stay tuned.

      Happy paddling!

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